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Esquina Nightlife Chronicles:

IZM: As a DJ living in NYC, what inspires and shapes your current sound? 

GETLIVE: NYC's underground scenes always inspire. Mix that up that with current audience taste, as well as what I feel is needed to be put out to the people musically.

IZM: Do you still prefer the velvet touch of vinyl when you spin, and can you tell us your 5 most treasured pieces of wax?

GETLIVE: Vinyl still? Yes for sure.

5 of my fave pieces of wax would be:

  • 1. Low End Theory Album
  • 2. Watch the Throne Album
  • 3. N**** in Paris 45
  • 4. Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit 45
  • 5. Any 90s House Classic that I have on vinyl

IZM: What's different about an LA or say, Atlanta crowd compared to a New York crowd?

GETLIVE: Different perspectives for sure. There's a lot of history that still prevails when it comes to clubs and nightlife culture in NYC.

 IZM: How do you deal with peeps who want to re-edit your playlist?

GETLIVE: They can copy the recipe but they can't duplicate the sauce.

 IZM: What is usually the hottest point of the night?

GETLIVE: Primetime now is between midnight and 2 a.m., but in the good ol' days of NYC nightlife, 2am was primetime.

 IZM: What takes it all down to dawn after the midnight heat/beats period?

GETLIVE: A cooling mix of vibes and nostalgia.

IZM: Ok, thanks for your time. Now get some sleep!

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