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Petey Complex

Award winning champion DJ, Petey Complex keeps bodies moving and heads shaking all over NYC. Petey delivers a well thought-out mix with precision and style.

Q: As a DJ living in NYC, what inspires and shapes your current sound? 

PETEY COMPLEX: My friends, the venues and people I work with, and other DJ's that I look up to. For occasional extra inspiration I listen to random mixes people recommend and watch YouTube videos of live sets by DJ's I admire. Honestly, just living in NY is a big influence musically, because you are exposed to so many different types of people and every culture has its own soundtrack.

Q: Do you still prefer the velvet touch of vinyl when you spin, and what are your 5 most treasured pieces of wax? 

PETEY COMPLEX: I will always prefer vinyl to any other medium. I can manipulate the sounds exactly how I want them and with more precision with vinyl. 5 treasured pieces of vinyl? Hmmm, off top I'll say Gang StarrStep in the Arena album, EPMD Business As Usual album, World Famous Supreme Team Hey DJ original single (which took me forever to find), Les Baxter Hell's Belles Soundtrack which is pure fire, and Ladi Dotie by Slick Rick - the first Hip- Hop record I ever heard. 

Q: What's different about a Miami crowd as opposed to a New York crowd?

PETEY COMPLEX: When I spun at Blackbird Ordinary and Wood Tavern in Miami I noticed the groove you set was vital. They were very in tune with what I was doing, a very open and willing crowd because they trusted me. And they were there to dance! They tore up the dance floor from beginning to end! NY crowds can be a little too focused on whether they know the song or not. It's easy to lose their attention if they don't immediately know it. I think as NY DJ's we are trying to work on that. Trying to open people up to music they don't necessarily hear on a regular basis and getting the crowd to listen instead of immediately pulling out their phones to check Twitter or whatever [laughs]

Q: How do you deal with peeps who want to re-edit your playlist?

PETEY COMPLEX: It depends on the day and the person trying to get in your ear. I think we all try to keep it professional but there will always be rude, drunk people that will test your patience. I don't mind a request if it's in good taste and is in line with what I'm currently playing. But please, don't ask us to plug your phone in to hear your request. If you are out in the clubs doing that you might get yelled at and not always by the DJ! Thank god for the staff we work with because they are the ones that come to our aid and tell those people to go away.  

Q: What is usually the hottest point of the night? 

PETEY COMPLEX: I try to get it super poppin' between 12:30am to 2:30am. That's my favorite time of the night. 

Q: What takes it all down to dawn after the midnight heat/beats period?

PETEY COMPLEX: I always like to wind down my nights with music that makes people want to make out and make bad decisions. Doesn't matter what genre, it's just gotta make people wanna get close and hop in a Uber together.

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