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Q: Where did you emerge in this wide world?

Tyrxne: I was born and raised in the Bronx, but I spent every summer of my childhood in the Dominican Republic.

Q: Was there a particular artist or writer who influenced you, made you want to make music?

Tyrxne: Red Man has a line on a song with Method man, I forget the name of the song but he said “You sick and tired of wack rappers? Then act now!”. That made me want to rap.

Q: Do you play an instrument, and when did you first pick it up?

Tyrxne: This question doesn’t really apply to rap but I did try to learn the guitar. I got decent, but I didn’t have the drive to dig deeper.

Q: Any particular stimulus that inspires you to create? 

Tyrxne: I create even if I don’t feel like it, so I don’t really need a trigger. But being upset can inspire a lot of creative energy.

Q: Are you influenced by current events, political news, visual art, climate change ?

Tyrxne: I’m not afraid to tackle politics and current events but I can’t say my art is focused on that. My music is more introspective.

Q: Do you have any rituals/superstitions when you are about to perform, or while you are performing ?

Tyrxne: If I can get a meditation in at some point before the show. I’m good.

Q:. Even though there seems to be great camaraderie among musicians, do you sometimes have to cross the line between camaraderie and competition, and use your elbows if necessary?

Tyrxne: I never look at other musicians in a competitive way. It might sound corny but I only feel in competition with myself and I’m happy when anyone else succeeds.

Q: Final question: You are on Death Row and Esquina is doing the catering. What dish would you choose? 

Tyrxne: Normally I’m vegan so I would choose the Chilli Relleno. But since I’m on Death Row, I’m definitely going for the Pork Belly with the Tamarind glaze. If I’m allowed to order sides, I want some Platanos too.

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