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05/22/2022 01:12am NYC
La Esquina | La Esquina Variety Salsa/Dip Pack

La Esquina Variety Salsa/Dip Pack

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La Esquina Signature Variety Pack

Salsa Roja

Charred Savory Salsa - 11.5oz

Perfectly ripe tomatoes, hot arbol chili peppers and tart green tomatillos charred and blended into a smoky ambrosia. Enjoy this direct descendant of Mexican street cuisine in your own home. Delicious with chips, meat, fish or straight from the jar. Dios mio, tengo hambre!


Salsa Verde

Bold & Brisk Salsa - 11.5oz

Tart green tomatillos. Sweet slow-cooked onions and hot serrano chile peppers in a fresh and tangy blend of flavors. Enjoy this direct descendant of Mexican street cuisine in your own home. Great with poultry, fish, greens or any and every taco. Dios mio, tengo hambre!


Black Bean Dip

Smokey & Savory Dip - 11.5oz

Earthy and delicious black beans blend with fire-roasted sweet onions and hot serrano chili peppers to create a smokey, savory, delicacy. A taste of authentic Mexican street cuisine. Enjoy as a side dish or straight from the jar with chips, tacos, and wraps. 


Salsa Brava

Charred EXTREMELY HOT Habanero - 11.5oz

This smoking hot descendant of authentic Mexican street food is a delicate blend of tomatillo, tomatoes and red-hot habanero peppers, a trial by fire for the taste buds. Delicious heat for chips, meat, vegetables or fish. Dios mio, tengo hambre!

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